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Tips for Taking Babies on the Water

Tips for Taking Babies on the Water
If you love sailing, it’s only natural that you want to share the experience with your children. There is some concern about whether it is safe to take infants on boats, but the truth is that as long as you and other adults on board take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of children, it’s safe and can be a fun time for the whole family.

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Children on a Boat

As with most activities involving children, there are some tips you should follow to create a safe and pleasant environment. The following is a short list of things you should do:
  • Have children wear the appropriate-sized life jacket at all times
  • Make sure there is enough shade
  • Prepare for nap time
  • Pack enough supplies, including diapers, formula and snacks
  • Designate a safe child area
While there are things you should do, there are also things you should not do. Take a look at the things you should avoid:
  • Forgetting sunscreen
  • Bringing a child on a boat by yourself
  • Letting the child be unsupervised
  • Forgetting appropriate clothing, such as a jacket
  • Disregarding the weather forecast

Have a Fun and Safe Sailing Trip

Can you take infants on boats? Absolutely, but there are certain dos and don’ts you should follow. By implementing the tips provided by Mariners Insurance, you can have a fun time on the water with your children.