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Yacht Insurance for Your Investment

Yacht Insurance for Your Investment

Whether you’re buying a yacht for personal recreation or building a business that revolves around the vessel, your insurance needs are unique. Boat insurance for smaller recreational vessels can’t anticipate the additional needs of owners with a craft that can take an extended voyage, but at the same time, commercial insurance for shipping vessels will not anticipate the needs of a recreational owner or charter company. Additionally, because yacht owners often cross international boundaries for both work and pleasure, you need to find coverage that goes everyplace you do.

Yacht Insurance in Mexico

Mariners Insurance provides coverage for all sorts of commercial and personal vessels, including coverage for those repairing and building them. The professionals you reach when you query the team for a quote will be able to work with you to cover all the avenues of risk unique to yacht ownership, and if you are operating a business based around the vessel, you can even get the additional coverage you need to operate. They understand the risks that come with this kind of travel, as well as those incurred by commercial seagoing vessels, which makes them ideally suited to anticipate the complex needs of yacht owners with vessels that can function as a personal or commercial craft. The best part? If you need to be covered in Mexico, they can cover you under the liabilities defined under that legal system.