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Have a Plan If Someone Falls Overboard

Have a Plan If Someone Falls Overboard

Imagine it is a beautiful afternoon. The sun is shining; the water is calm. It’s the perfect day for a boat ride with friends.

You’re speeding along, enjoying yourselves, when suddenly a person falls overboard. Do you know what to do?

Develop a Man Overboard Plan

Like any emergency, it’s best to have a procedure in place before someone falls overboard. Make sure you have flotation gear on board and explain what to do if a passenger falls in.

Share these steps with everyone on board:

  1. Shout, “Man overboard,” to alert everyone; keep your eyes on the individual.
  2. If you can’t find the person in the water, turn off the boat to prevent injuring or killing the victim.
  3. Turn on the man-overboard button on your GPS if you have it. The MOB function will mark the location where the person fell in.
  4. Throw flotation devices to keep the person above water.
  5. Try to get the victim back on the boat, ideally via the swim platform or ladder.
  6. If the situation seems life-threatening, use your radio to call a mayday. You can cancel the call if you get the person safely back on board.

Be Prepared and Save Lives

Accidents are always a possibility even when the water is calm. Before you set sail, be sure you have flotation devices and an emergency plan. Make sure everyone on board knows the drill. You just might save a life.


Don’t Forget These Three Things Before Volunteering In Another Country

Whether you’re leaving for a mission trip with your church or are joining the Peace Corps, it’s a big deal to travel for volunteer work. How can you prepare for your trip?

Invest In Travel Insurance

Part of the goal of travel is to see new parts of the world, but if you are sick, hurt or injured outside of your home country this can create a host of problems. Investing in travel insurance for a volunteering trip is a smart way to protect yourself ahead of time and gives you a safety net in case something goes wrong. If you’re curious, check out VIS to learn more.

Get Appropriately Vaccinated

Your body is vaccinated and immune against diseases in the country that you call home, but it is not prepared for other climates on its own. Before traveling outside the country, check your general practitioner to see what vaccines you need to safely travel the globe.

Understand The Geography of the Area

A new country will mean new landmarks and unfamiliar streets. Before you leave, study a map and familiarize yourself with the area. Learn landmarks so that in case you get separated from the group, you at least have a few points of reference to find your way back.

By readying yourself to go on your trip, you’re ensuring that you are safe in the days to come. Prep ahead of time to make your experience a great one.


How To Build a Website for Insurance Companies

How To Build a Website for Insurance Companies

How To Build a Website for Insurance Companies

When it comes to building websites, you want one that stands out and reflects your company’s brand. To do that, you need to understand how insurance agency websites are designed and what factors go into making effective websites.

The Components of a Good Website

Many people think only of colors and layout when it comes to designing a website. The truth is that there is much more to a website than those aspects, even though they are also important. For an effective website design, you should include the following four components:

User-friendly interface: Making a website easy to navigate and designed with consumers in mind is helpful to attracting customers.

Safety: A secure site makes you trustworthy and allows consumers to safely browse without fear.

Branding: This includes color, logo, tone of voice and content to help you connect with and engage with customers.

Functional technology: Nowadays, websites need to be responsive across platforms, making it easier for consumers to access no matter what device they use.

Building Your New Insurance Website

There is more to insurance agency websites than a good design and color palette. There is also a great deal of emphasis placed on how customers interact with the content and site, making it easier for them to use and connect with your agency. Keeping the aspects above in mind can help you design a website that is perfect for you.