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Protect Your Yacht Club With the Right Policy

Protect Your Yacht Club With the Right Policy

Yacht clubs are regal destinations where discerning members come to relax. Members have high expectations, and it is important that you meet those expectations. Part of that is having the right insurance coverage for yacht clubs, which keeps you and your members protected from the unexpected.

A good insurance agent can help you put the right insurance package together. Look for these coverage must-haves and options when putting your policy together.

General liability coverage. Not only with general liability coverage protect your members and staff, it will also cover incidents related to sailboat races and regattas.

Marina operator’s legal liability coverage. Make sure your boats, and your members’, are protected while docked at the club.

Limited pollution liability. More than anything, this coverage protects you if someone is hurt or damage occurs due to pollution. Think about what might float along the docks, for example.

Protection and indemnity. This policy covers boats owned by the yacht club, especially when borrowed, rented or loaned. The crew is also covered.

Take time to do your research and speak with experts who understand everything there is to know about insurance coverage for yacht clubs. If you do your homework and follow the advice of experts, you can ensure your club is protected from most eventualities.