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The Importance of Comprehensive Higher Education Insurance for Personnel Issues

The Importance of Comprehensive Higher Education Insurance for Personnel Issues
Higher Education Insurance

Higher Education Insurance

Higher education institutions face many challenges. One of them is overseeing a large group of faculty, staff and students. A comprehensive risk management strategy, including higher education insurance, offers protection from exposure in the event a university becomes involved in a personnel issue.


Accusations of Harassment

Harassment is illegal and can have serious ramifications. Harassment encompasses a broad range of offensive behavior including sexual, psychological and workplace harassment. In a university setting, allegations could potentially involve two co-workers or a teacher and student. Higher education insurancecan provide the resources necessary to address any accusations of harassment.


Issues Connected to Tenure

Tenure involves granting a professor a permanent position at a university usually after they have completed a probationary period of several years. It is believed to provide those who attain it more academic freedom since they don’t have to fear losing their job if they research unpopular ideas and subjects. Tenure and who gets it can be a hotly contested topic and may result in disputes.


Discrimination Claims

Discrimination can involve issues on race, gender, age and sexual orientation. Implementing a thorough risk management strategy can help ensure there is a plan in place to address any claims of discrimination.


Higher education insurancepoliciescan be tailored to cover personnel disputes including accusations of sexual harassment, issues connected to tenure and any discrimination claims.