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Key Staff Insurance Explained

Key Staff Insurance Explained

If your business relies on one or a few key people whose death or departure would greatly affect your ability to continue operations as usual, you probably need key staff coverage, even if you don’t know it. This form of life insurance is typically taken out for company founders, top tier decision-making executives, and other professionals whose day to day guidance steers the entire organization. While it’s easy to see how large companies could require these policies, they’re actually vital for small companies, especially those that are still founder-run.

Protect Your Business Finances From Disruption

The main goal of key staff insurance is to provide a financial buffer during the turbulence that comes in the wake of the loss of a vital member of your strategic team. When these professionals depart under normal circumstances, you have the chance to plan for it and to work with a transition team to bring in new talent that can fill the role. This isn’t so when someone unexpectedly passes away, and the sudden vacuum can devastate the daily processes that keep companies moving. Often, insurance is not only taken out for company leadership, but also for specialized positions where replacement staff could be difficult to find. For an evaluation of your company’s needs and likely key roles, talk to key staff insurance professionals today.