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How Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance Protects All Dogs

How Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance Protects All Dogs

Insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage for your dog because if they immediately determine him to be dangerous. The problem, however is that they prejudge his nature on appearance. Over half percent of dogs are of mixed background, but if your dog looks like a pit bull then he’ll be branded as a pit bull. Not only is this unfair, but also misleading because it sends a false message that a dog’s nature is based of his looks. Without dangerous dog liability insurance dogs will continue to be labeled as violent.

Any dog can be accused of being dangerous if he leaves a bite, scratch or causes someone to fall over. Unfortunately, it’s all too fairly common to blow something out of proportion in order to file damages against dog-owners. Simply labeling a dog as “dangerous” does not make it true, though. Stories also exist of pet-owners who had to give up their dogs because of the risks they posed for acquiring housing.

Dogs involved in incidents that produced injuries are almost always classified as dangerous. Even if your dog has no bite history, if he’s part of a breed known for being “dangerous” then he’ll be considered dangerous to insurance policies. Lack of coverage for “viscous” dogs is a serious issue but the answer is not to persecute all dogs, but assess them individually as you would with people. Thankfully there are companies trying to protect dogs and their owners by offering dangerous dog liability insurance.