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Insurance for Florida Businesses

Insurance for Florida Businesses

You have insurance that protects your home and other personal items, so why not have insurance that also defends your business? Commercial insurance companies in Florida can work with you to create a policy that protects you from liability claims and keeps your company safe.

Insurance Solutions To Mitigate Your Risks

Owning a business means you face certain risks. That is a given. However, you don’t have to worry about those risks when you have the right kind of insurance that covers you for everything from general, broad insurance to more specific coverage for your industry.

Some of your insurance options include the following:

Workers’ compensation
Cyber liability
General liability
Commercial auto coverage
Professional liability
Directors and officers coverage
Surety bonds

The above list is not comprehensive, but it simply provides an idea of different policies you can choose from. In order to create a plan that reflects your needs, an insurance agent looks at your business to determine which policies best protect you against claims and loss.

Protecting Your Business Today

Protecting your business means understanding what your risks are and how to manage them. Knowing which insurance policies to choose can be difficult, but commercial insurance companies in Florida want to help you select programs that keep your business safe.


Protecting Your Business From the Public

Protecting Your Business From the Public

Protecting Your Business From the Public

Whenever a business allows people outside of the company onto business premises, there are risks involved. Public liability insurance, or PLI insurance, is beneficial and essential for any business that has physical contact with the public.

Coverage Limitations

PLI insurance is considered to be the bare minimum for commercial insurance that businesses need if they invite anyone outside the company into the business. Whether these people are from a third party or the public, your company takes a risk by allowing them on the property if they are not employees. People covered by this insurance include:

Customers to a retail store
Delivery personnel
Office visitors

Under your commercial insurance, you most likely have a policy that protects your employees in cases of injuries or illnesses. This policy is similar in that your business is held responsible for what happens to visitors. However, rather than protecting visitors, it protects your business. The insurance policy itself is designed to safeguard the company from claims of the following on the business premises:



Basic Coverage for Your Business

If you own a business that allows members of the public to access the premises, you need PLI insurance as the base level of protection. That way, if an accident happens and someone from the public files a claim against you, your business is protected.