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The Risks Associated With Boat Rentals

The Risks Associated With Boat Rentals

To rent out a boat to another person puts your vessel at risk. While the best-case scenario involves the renter returning the boat in as good of condition as they took it, that is not always the case. Due to this fact, you may need boat rental risk insurance. Here are the risks that you face when you own a boat rental service.


Accidents are always possible. When you rent out the boat, there is a chance that the operator could strike another vessel or an object while on the water. If this happens, then you may be the one liable for any damages. You could have to pay for the other person’s boat repair, replacement or any other damages caused by the renter.


Likewise, injuries can happen aboard your vessel. In some cases, you may be held liable if your renter is injured on your boat. This is especially true if it has something to do with the vessel’s operation.

Experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance explain that boat owner’s insurance policies may not cover you if you rent your boat to clients. This is why you have to have specific insurance coverages to handle the rental. Renter insurance is designed to give you adequate coverage when you rent your vessels.