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Importance of Risk Management in Intermediate Care Facilities

Importance of Risk Management in Intermediate Care Facilities

Elderly care facilities are long-term care facilities for those who cannot care for themselves. Generally, elderly persons remain in the care of the facility full-time. These are not necessarily ill patients, but instead, patients who have a variety of health problems or may need assistance with daily tasks. While all hospitals and medical treatment facilities have risks involved, intermediate care facilities or ICFs need to focus specifically on custom risk management options.

Risk Management Concerns

Nursing facilities are prone to financial claims. In an elderly care facility, for instance, the patients are often frail. They are more likely to suffer injuries. It is crucial that all caregivers and staff understand the responsibility of the facility and the risks involved. Risk management involves insurance options for these facilities. One of the biggest risks that a care facility faces is a claim of negligence.

Risk Management Options

As referenced by, the goal of these facilities is to return a patient to his or her home eventually. While the patient is there, the facility is in charge of medical care, medication and daily tasks. Facilities need to consider general liability, medical malpractice and professional liability to name a few.

When it comes to an elderly care facility, it is crucial that the business has the appropriate insurance coverage. Without it, the costs stack up.