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How to Protect Your Jewelry From Unexpected Loss

Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of an engagement like realizing that a stone has fallen out of your ring. Without proper insurance, there is little your homeowners policy will do to help you. Seeking specialized coverage will protect your valued heirlooms in a variety of circumstances, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to proudly showcase your favorite pieces.

Where Insurance for the Home Falls Short

Jewelry insured through homeowners insurance is limited to certain dollar values that are often inadequate to cover precious gems. Additional restrictions often place strict stipulations on the circumstances under which your valuables will be covered; international travel, accidental loss, and theft are generally disqualifying events. Special floater insurance and stand-alone policies both provide reliable coverage for your most valued pieces. Though you can't put a price on the sentimental value of family heirlooms, you can ensure that their financial value is protected. Floater insurance is a specialized policy that covers easily movable property, providing supplemental coverage where homeowners policies lack depth. This form of personal jewelry insurance extends to theft, loss or damage, so you have security even when items are lost accidentally.

Preserve Sentimental and Financial Value

Rings featuring intricate settings and matched jewelry sets, such as earring and necklace combinations, diminish in value if a gem goes missing or if part of the set is damaged. Under a homeowners policy, unexplained disappearance of these pieces would not be replaceable. Personal jewelry insurance protects you from events like a losing a gem from your engagement ring or a missing earring from your pair. This specialized insurance protection allows you to restore your sentimental pieces and collections, and retain their value.