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How Employers Should Handle Workers Comp

As an employer, it is your responsibility to take out the right coverage plan for workers comp insurance. Not only is this federal law in the workplace, it also can greatly help you out when the unthinkable happens. Aside from merely taking out the right form of coverage, it is important to know what you are responsible for as an employer.

Properly Inform

The main responsibility employers have in regards to insurance is providing proper information to employees. Part of the laws surrounding workers comp insurance is that an employer must post notices in employee-frequented areas of the workplace that informs about various changes to plans, what compensation insurance covers and the proper contact information when something goes awry.

New Hire Training

All new hires that come through your doors must receive the proper information about their options when it comes to insurance. Information that must be given to new hires includes:
  • A statement that workers injured on the job have the right to proper coverage
  • Information about available doctors and that injured workers may choose their own medical care provider from the available options
  • Specific details about the benefits that come from your own unique workers comp insurance coverage plan
When you know what you are responsible for as an employer, it will make the unfortunate complications of a workplace injury into a much more manageable situation for all.