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Covering Incidents Involving Consumers

Covering Incidents Involving Consumers
Working with the public is unavoidable when you own a small business. Despite the need for customer support and loyalty, there are risks associated with working with the general public. These are best addressed through a public risk insurance policy. Some potential reasons for this coverage include:
  • A customer comes into the office to pay a bill and the chair they are sitting in collapses.
  • An individual is walking in front of your office and part of your sign falls and hits them.
  • Your business is having a customer appreciation day and while in attendance, a customer trips and falls.
Although these risks seem to be hardly likely, they are possible. The resulting financial demand from a lawsuit could threaten your business. The team at recommends that you add the additional public liability coverage to help cover any gaps that your commercial general liability policy may leave.

Areas of Coverage

This liability policy covers the common areas associated with general liability but extends the coverage to the specific locations and exposures created by public traffic.
  1. Bodily injury. If someone is injured while on your business property, this policy provides coverage. It may also extend to those who are in the walkways or parking lots that may be considered an area outside your property.
  2. Property damage. The part of the coverage protects your business when damage is done to another’s property while on your property or when work is done to another property.