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An Insurance Company in the Protection Business

An Insurance Company in the Protection Business

An Insurance Company in the Protection Business

When you need an insurance policy, you want to work with an agent that has your best interest at heart. Owens Group Insurance is in the business of protecting people’s professional and personal lives, making it an ideal choice for business professionals and individuals.

Protecting Your Personal Life

Each person’s individual risks may be different depending on lifestyle, which is why your policy should be created especially for you. That is why an agent conducts a risk assessment to determine your coverage. You can keep many areas of your personal life secure with coverage options including:

Auto insurance

Homeowners insurance

Travel insurance

Watercraft insurance

Kidnapping and ransom

Cyber security

Personal umbrella

Safeguarding Your Business

A business should be covered in case of a disaster or lawsuit. However, each industry is different and requires various levels of coverage. For example, an IT company may need more cyber liability than a construction company. After an assessment, an insurance agent can build a policy around some of the following coverage areas:

Executive liability

General liability

Professional liability

Cyber liability

Intellectual property

Workers’ compensation

Earthquake and flood coverage

Commercial property

Since 1957, Owens Group Insurance has been protecting individuals and businesses. To mitigate disasters in both your personal and professional lives, you should choose an insurance company you can trust and rely on in stressful situations.


The Importance of Insurance Coverage for the Construction Industry

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for the Construction Industry

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for the Construction Industry

If you own a construction company, you know the value of a good insurance policy. Having construction general liability insurance offers your business protection in many areas and allows you to operate safely on job sites and with other contractors.

Coverage Specifically for You

General liability coverage is necessary for businesses to operate and provides broad coverage to protect a business. You can build an insurance plan that takes the construction industry into account and delivers more protection in the form of the following:

Errors and omissions
Pollution liability
Workers’ compensation
Employment practices liability
Builder’s risk
Surety bonds

Insurance agents understand the risks involved in the construction industry and can run a thorough analysis of your company to pinpoint the specific risks you face and design a policy that caters to your needs. You may also require different coverages depending on how your business functions. For example, do you also work with masons and designers? If you do, you need insurance that handles that portion of your business, as well.

The construction industry is unique in terms of insurance needs, which is why there is construction general liability insurance specifically for the industry. Purchasing a policy that includes this coverage enables your business to safely work on projects and be covered if anything goes wrong.


D&O Coverage 101

D&O Coverage 101

D&O Coverage 101

When individuals leading your organization do not act responsibly, you are liable. D&O EPL or directors & officers and employment practices liability protect you and others who are in positions of leadership from the acts of your employees.

Basics of D&O

In D&O litigation, your company and its board face litigation. Directors and officers cover the members of your boards and other leaders. In a D&O plan, any officer, director and employee can have insurance under the plan. The insurance company defends claims and pays on behalf of most judgments.

Basics of Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability further protects your staff. This insurance covers directors, officers, volunteers and employees. EPL covers employment-related discrimination, wrongful discharge and sexual harassment.

The Cost of D&O

D&O claims are expensive. While this may lead to some people deciding against this type of coverage, you don’t want to be without protection. For instance, a plan might cost you between 35,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars. However, when it comes to a judgment you have to pay, it might cost you around 450,000 dollars.

D&O EPL coverage is crucial to your company. It protects you and your staff, particularly those in leadership positions. When you have a leadership position, you are more at risk for being held liable for certain costs and damages.


Top Tips To Choose an Insurance Broker or Agent for Your Business

Top Tips To Choose an Insurance Broker or Agent for Your Business

Owning and running a business comes with a host of risks depending on your size, location and industry. Finding the right insurance policies for your business starts with understanding your insurance needs. Once you know what you need, you can start evaluating business insurance agents and brokers.

Ask Questions

Have a list of questions prepared ahead of time to consult when searching the insurance website or during the interview. Knowing what answers you need can help you weed out those agents and brokers that won’t work for your business. Then use these questions during the interview can help you determine how well they may fit your business needs.


Determine what you expect from your insurance agent or broker before interviewing them. During the interview, ask questions and see how they deliver on their promised or agreed-upon commitments to you. Request a quote and see how well they delivered.


The insurance agent or broker should have a technical knowledge of the insurances they offer and your business’s risks. They should be able to tell you how the insurance they offer covers those risks. The right credentials can increase your ability to trust that expertise.

Sometimes finding the right insurance agents and brokers is whether they work personality wise. Some personalities can make the business agreement difficult regardless of how knowledgeable they are. As always, do your homework and trust your gut.


How to Be Competitive in the Insurance Industry

How to Be Competitive in the Insurance Industry

How to Be Competitive in the Insurance Industry

Anyone in the insurance business likely understands why it can be a profitable venture. Insurance is needed for virtually every facet of home and work life, especially in more areas that are more litigious or carry a higher risk. While the demand for insurance may be consistent, it can be a very competitive industry. If your company specializes in insurance, digital marketing can give you the edge you need to make your company stand out.

How Digital Marketing Works

Having a digital marketing campaign can be very useful especially if your client base includes people that prefer electronic communication. In a world where it is relatively common for people to have access to multiple devices, this can be imperative for the success of your business. Digital marketing can include the following types of strategies:

Using effective website design viewable across multiple platforms and devices

Reaching your social media audience

Utilizing research on search engine optimization

Using engaging content to attract potential clients

Documenting website traffic

Managing website and keeping it regularly updated

While there may be years of collective research on traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is constantly changing based on many variables. If you work in insurance, digital marketing experts can be a major asset to your business’s success. By contacting a professional that keeps up with the latest in this type of approach while understanding the fine details involved in the insurance industry, you can feel confident that you will be in good hands.


The Truth About Online Sellers and General Liability

The Truth About Online Sellers and General Liability

The Truth About Online Sellers and General Liability

It’s surprising how many businesses do not believe that they need to have general liability insurance in New Mexico. What isn’t surprising, however, is the number of online sellers that tend to think that they don’t need it. With all of the myths and beliefs around liability coverage, it isn’t surprising. If you’re an online seller, however, you may want to consider general liability.

Fire Hazards

General liability protects you against third party lawsuits. Say that you sell an item and the customer claims that it started a fire. Even if you don’t believe the claim, if he or she takes it to court, then you will need the funds to fight it. Likewise, if they win the case, then you’re going to owe damages that you may not be able to afford. General liability helps you cover these expenses.

Personal Injuries

When you sell a product, you may be liable for any situation that arises when that product reaches the client. For instance, if a client injures him or herself using your product in a reasonable way, then you could be liable for those damages. Again, general liability is your protection.

As a small business owner that sells products online, you are not exempt from liability or lawsuits. This is why, no matter what you sell, general liability insurance in New Mexico is right for you.


The Value of Insurance for Your Cargo

The Value of Insurance for Your Cargo

The Value of Insurance for Your Cargo

It can be complicated to ascertain what types of insurance coverage to use to properly protect your business, especially when it comes to cargo transportation. Motor truck cargo insurance can be especially important since many insurance carriers will not cover a transportation company if they do not have this type of insurance. To make sure your business is not left vulnerable, keep these tips in mind.

1. Establish Needs

Take a look at the type of cargo your company usually transports, as well as how much is carried and the distance your trucks travel. This way, you can make sure you are getting the correct motor truck cargo insurance that you need.

2. Understand Limitations

Some types of cargo are usually excluded from coverage by insurance companies. This category can include items like alcohol, electrical units and clothing. Other carriers might not exclude this kind of cargo, but rather assign it a higher deductible. It can be worth it to ask the insurance company if they have any limitations that may affect your business.

3. Explore Additional Options

Your company may benefit from extra motor truck cargo insurance options. These can include coverage for unattended vehicles and theft, which are two scenarios often faced in the cargo transportation field.

It is crucial to find an insurance plan that adequately handles your needs in order to avoid potentially costly incidents in the future. By protecting your cargo and company today, you protect your future as well.


Protecting the House While on Vacation

Protecting the House While on Vacation

Now that the sun is coming out and the gloominess of winter is leaving, wanderlust is taking its place. The arrival of spring is a great time to take a much-deserved vacation. Before packing a suitcase, start planning how to manage the day-to-day care of the house. If it is going to be empty, how protected are the valuables in the home? Enjoy a stress-free vacation by taking a couple of precautions before leaving home.

Insure Valuables

Family heirlooms like jewelry and fine art are irreplaceable treasures. It is important to take an inventory of specific items and have them appraised. Once you know the value, it is time to shop for insurance. Northstar Insurance Company is a great place to start when insuring valuables. You’ll breathe easy knowing that these precious items are protected.

In Case of Emergency

Expect the unexpected while vacationing and prepare in case something happens. Being away from home does not mean that all is lost. Northstar Insurance Company offers other types of coverage so that peace of mind can come in one package deal including:

  • Homeowners
  • Motorcycle and auto
  • Yacht and boat

When you have planned ahead and protected your investments and prized possessions, you can rest easy.

While on vacation, worrying about the safety of the home and valuables shouldn’t be on the to-do list. Enjoy the time away and leave the stress at home.


Filling the Gap: Accident Coverage for Independent Truckers

Filling the Gap: Accident Coverage for Independent Truckers

For most employers, the risk of a work-related injury or death of an employee is mitigated somewhat by the workers compensation coverage that most states require companies to carry. Such coverage, however, extends only to salaried employees.

Who Is Responsible?

Companies that utilize 1099 contract workers like owner-operated truck drivers face a conundrum. It is a given that accidents can and do happen in the trucking industry. It is also a given that independent drivers are not covered by a workers comp policy. So, who pays in the event of a serious accident involving an owner-operated truck?

Ultimately, the employer & the company employing the driver on a contract basis & is responsible. Left uninsured, a business is exposed to tremendous financial and legal consequences. Occupational insurance is one way to fill this gap in coverage.

What Does It Cover?

Accident insurance for truckers varies depending on a company’s needs, and policies can be tailored as such. Still, most policies include the following:

  • Accidental death and/or dismemberment benefits that are normally determined by a formula that factors in a contractor’s annual earnings
  • Payment of medical claims arising from a single incident
  • Disability benefits that pay a portion of the employee’s salary for a prescribed amount of time

Provisions can also be added to occupational insurance policies to cover legal fees should a 1099 worker sue the company. Consider your needs and budget and consult an experienced insurance agent or broker today. Don’t count on that accident not happening to you.


How Non-Profits Benefit from a Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

How Non-Profits Benefit from a Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

Your non profit organization is offering vital social services to your community. Though the business does not profit from their work, there still is risks and liabilities in providing valuable services. Make sure you are protecting your business and your staff with non profit workers compensation in California.

Your Team

Your team works hard to deliver quality services and support for the surrounding community. They keep the organization running smoothly. Accidents happen to even the most careful teammate. They happen at unpredictable moments impacting both the organization and the person.

Insurance Benefits

Non profit workers compensation in California helps your team get the medical help they need after a fall or injury sustained on the job. The insurance policy covers those costs your organization would otherwise be liable for including medical bills and legal costs. California does not require non profit organizations to have a workers comp plan, but the benefits often outweigh the costs.

Even if the accident never results in a lawsuit, it could. Maintaining a non profit workers compensation in California policy ensures that your organization is not left holding the bill when accidents arise. The peace of mind that comes with that can help you focus on the good your organization continues to do in the community.