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Protecting Your Boating Merchandise

Protecting Your Boating Merchandise

Dealing in recreational vehicles, such as selling boats and yachts, means having the right insurance coverage for your facility. A recreational marine insurance wholesaler can help you evaluate what kind of coverage your facility or dealership needs, but here is a look at some of the more important pieces of this purchase.

Whether you show boats in a showroom or on a dock, you need insurance to cover any possible property damage. This could be damage to your merchandise or caused by your merchandise, such as roughing a dock if a boat becomes lose in a storm. That means property coverage should include merchandise, personal property, piers, wharves and docks.

Employees at your facility also need insurance coverage as dictated by local, state and federal laws. Worker’s compensation is just one kind of coverage employees need in order to feel secure at their place of work. Alternately, protection in case an employee commits an illegal or risky act is also important.

Choosing the right recreational marine insurance wholesaler means knowing what kind of insurance coverage you need and who can supply it. Protecting people and property is a must since this can create an atmosphere of trust. Covering for property damage and employee accidents can also save your facility money in the long run.