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If You’re Passionate About Boating, Invest in California Boat Insurance

If You’re Passionate About Boating, Invest in California Boat Insurance

There’s nothing quite like setting sail in the wide-open ocean and feeling the wind at your back as you cut through the waves with ease and grace. If you’re a boat enthusiast, you know the feeling, and you also know that there is not much that is better than being out on the water. However, you also understand the risks that come with boating, as well as the importance of carrying insurance for California boats.

Everything from other boaters to Mother Nature poses a risk to your vessel. If a bad storm with high winds rolls through while your boat is parked in the dock, your boat could sustain moderate to severe body or water damage. If you are out on the water and another boater doesn’t see you, or if another boater is intoxicated while operating, they could crash into you, resulting in property damage, personal injury or even lost property.

Boaters’ liability insurance is available to protect you, your boat and your passengers from unforeseen incidences and events that can happen anytime your boat is on land or in the water. Liability insurance can also protect you in the event that another boater or a passenger files a claim against you after an accident, and will cover your legal defense and help pay for a monetary settlement if necessary.

If you own a boat, insurance for California boats shouldn’t be an afterthought—it should be a priority.