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What to do if Your Dog Bites Someone

What to do if Your Dog Bites Someone

No one ever expects his or her dog to bite or attack another person. But sometimes these accidents do happen. Whether you feel your dog was truly at fault or not, there are some steps to follow after an incident occurs. By following these steps, you can make sure that the dog bite insurance claims are processed as quickly as possible.

Following the accident, you will want to do a few things immediately. First, make sure your dog is secure and away from anyone else. You do not want another incident. Then you will need to help the victim or victims get any necessary medical attention. While doing this, take some quick photographs of the injuries. Even if the pictures are taken with your phone it is important to have documentation and proof of the actual injuries. Before you, the victim and any possible witnesses depart ways, get names and contact information from everyone.

At this point it is time to contact the authorities if necessary. You will also need to file a claim with your canine liability insurance. Make sure you are aware of your policies guidelines as some companies require you to file dog bite insurance claims within a certain time frame.

Having your dog bite or attack another person is the last thing anyone ever expects to happen. Prepare yourself for this by being aware of what to do if the situation does occur.