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Why Should Your Employment Agency Have Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Why Should Your Employment Agency Have Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Non-owned auto insuranceOne of the many types of insurance that staffing and employment agencies should consider adding to their regular policy is hired or non-owned auto insurance. These special variations on auto insurance protect vehicles that clients operate throughout the course of one of their assignments for the agency. There are a variety of reasons why an employee might be called upon to operate a vehicle during his or her time working on a temporary assignment. Here are some of the major instances that non-owned auto insurance covers.

The employee’s own vehicle

Non-owned vehicle insurance policies cover damage to the employee’s vehicle that is incurred while on the clock, driving to perform a task related to work. In other words, an accident that happens on the way to work is not covered, but one that occurs while the employee is running an errand for the company is.

A vehicle owned by the client

Sometimes temporary employees are asked to drive a vehicle owned and maintained by the client they are working for. If an accident occurs while the employee is driving that causes damage to the client’s vehicle, non-owned vehicle insurance helps cover the costs no matter who was at fault for the crash.

If employees at your staffing agency regularly drive throughout the course of assignment, then non-owned auto insurance may be a good choice for you.