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Insurance Policies to Protect Your Community Association

Insurance Policies to Protect Your Community Association

Community groups such as co-ops and homeowners’ associations should be insured just like regular commercial businesses. There are various policies available from agencies which offer Community Association Insurance.

Protecting Directors and Officers

The directors of your community group put themselves at risk whenever they take decisions on behalf of the group. Insurance for your directors can protect them against claims such as breach of contract, non-employment discrimination, fiduciary duty, employment practices liability, and wrongful termination. Policies such as these may cover both monetary and non-monetary suits, and may extend to cover trustees, employees, committee members, and volunteers who are part of the association.

Protect Against Internal Crime

Fraud affects most businesses at some point, and 80% of workplace crimes is committed by employees. Community associations can also fall prey to internal criminal activity, and it is essential to protect the organization against these claims. Community association insurance policies which cover crime and fraud many include protections against embezzlement, forgery, cyber-crime, and theft.

Insurance for Cyber Risk

Cyber theft and hacking have increasingly become risks in today’s technological world. Such crimes may affect community organizations in several different ways, including as simply as the loss or theft of a board member’s laptop or smart phone. External hacking can also lead to loss of valuable information about the organization, the employees, or the members. Cyber risk insurance policies can help cover some of these losses.

When shopping for insurance for your community group, be sure to choose a well-rated agency which offers competitive prices for the policies you need.

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Types of Cyber Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

Types of Cyber Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

Many companies today don’t realize that nearly half of their assets may be digital data. Some of the problems that can happen may be caused by hacks or viruses that can destroy and alter data. Having automatic data processing insurance can help reduce costs of the damage when a loss occurs.


There are many hackers out there who create viruses or malicious code to try to destroy information. This is sometimes referred to cyber terrorism, and an automatic data processing insurance policy can help fight this problem. The reimbursement of interruption, loss of time, and expenses may be covered by your policy.


This type of cyber-attack uses a fraudulent website that mimics a legitimate website to steal personal information from unsuspecting users. If a company’s website is hacked, imitated, or used in this process, your business may lose the trust of customers and employees. Your cyber insurance policy may reimburse customers and notify them of the viral attack.


Your company may be used in a phishing scam, which is a process of stealing personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers by sending emails pretending to be from a trustworthy business. Loss of this type of data can be extremely harmful to both your company and your customers.

With these types of attacks happening every day to companies worldwide, having automatic data processing insurance can be an important part of keeping your business protected. Be sure to get insurance that covers your specific needs.

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Cargo Liability

Cargo Liability

Transporting cargo is never guaranteed to be easy for businesses. Goods often need to be shipped long distances, both domestically and internationally, posing a high risk for damage occurring before the products reach their destination. Because of this, many companies may benefit from having a comprehensive insurance plan that will cover contingent cargo in the case that damage occurs.

What Is Cargo Liability?

Many companies not only ship their products long distances, but they also use a variety of ways to transport their goods. These methods include the following list.

  • Train
  • Ship
  • Truck
  • Plane

Cargo liability may cover the cost of damaged or lost products. The company shipping the items usually will not lose money as a result of lost products, so contingent cargo liability may be a wise investment for anyone shipping goods.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Cargo Liability?

Many accidents can result in damaged goods, costing a company money for each individual product. Cargo liability covers many risks for damaged goods, including the following list.

  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Collison
  • Mishandling of products
  • Non-delivery

Because shipping is uncertain, companies may find that protecting their bottom line is easier when they have a good insurance plan. Damaged goods can cut into company profit when a business does not have a contingent cargo plan, so making the investment can be one way of growing a company’s success.

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Prepare, Plan, and Practice

Prepare, Plan, and Practice

Employee staffing firms are a booming industry. From large companies to small, businesses rely upon staffing firms to fill their employee vacancies. It is imperative that staffing firms have employment practices liability insurance to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. As the National Labor Relations Board updates and changes hiring standards frequently, it’s important to know and understand your coverage.

Types of Coverage

Employment practices liability insurance protects against employee-related lawsuits. If your company hires, fires, evaluates, or supervises employees or contractors, you need this insurance. It covers employee claims such as:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Breach of contract or employee agreement
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation

These types of lawsuits are on the rise, and without insurance, a judgement against your company could be financially devastating.

Additional Steps

In addition to having good employment practices liability insurance, implement a company protocol for hiring, disciplining, and firing employees. Get legal advice on best hiring practices and publish it in a company handbook. Train your employees on these practices and make sure they understand what is expected of them. Practice hiring and firing drills to inculcate your company plan. These steps will mitigate the frequency of lawsuits, but not stop them altogether. Make sure your business is prepared with an insurance policy that cover all contingencies.

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Additional Coverage Options for Large Corporations

Additional Coverage Options for Large Corporations

Business owner’s policy coverage typically includes coverage for hardships such as property damage and loss, legal disputes, broken or damaged equipment and the interruption of business operations. However, if you own and operate a large commercial business, you may require additional and more extensive coverage. Fortunately, most insurance providers offer policies that are suited to your business’s needs, no matter the size of your operation.

Commercial Policy Coverage

A commercial package policy differs from the traditional business owner’s policy coverage in that it allows you to choose from different coverage options to create a multi-policy package. This package can include:

  • Business Auto Insurance: If you own company vehicles, business auto insurance is a must. To make your life easier, bundle your business’s auto insurance with that of your business’s overall coverage.
  • Crime Insurance: Insurance that protects you against crime—including theft, vandalism and assault—can be beneficial if your operation is large and if you have valuable assets on hand.
  • Equipment Breakdown: If you operate a manufacturing business with expensive equipment, equipment breakdown insurance would be a worthwhile investment, as most manufacturing equipment can cost upwards of $100,000.

While it is always wise to invest in a general business owner’s policy, speak to your insurance agency to discuss other business owner’s policy coverage that you might benefit from. While you might not need any additional coverage, it never hurts to find out.

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Additional Insurance Coverage Plans for Restaurant Owners

Additional Insurance Coverage Plans for Restaurant Owners

There are many catastrophes that can befall your restaurant business, costing you a lot of money or putting you out of business. The is why purchasing Restaurant Insurance in Tennessee is so important. Insurance helps protect owners from the unique challenges of their profession.

Restaurant owners need protection beyond that of basic business policies, general liability and workers compensation. Although these coverages are important, restaurants need additional coverage like for spoilage or commercial vehicles.

Spoilage Coverage

If a power outage lasts long enough, you could be looking at significant losses from food spoiling. Insurance for spoilage loss covers mechanical appliance malfunction and power outages. This insurance allows you to claim damages up to the limit set by your policy. Make sure you assess possible damages and purchase a policy that suits your needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle used for restaurant business, you need auto insurance, specifically commercial auto insurance. These policies are similar to personal vehicle insurance, but they also cover liability for accidents involving an employing operating the company van. It is even required in most states.

Restaurant Insurance in Tennessee is a necessity. Don’t risk losing your business by not getting the coverage you need. Do your research, stay in compliance and protect yourself and your restaurant.

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Why a Responsive Website is Everything

Why a Responsive Website is Everything

Making your website mobile friendly is critical in this day and age, as the vast majority of people conduct searches for products and services on their smartphone. The most effective websites for insurance agents leverage a responsive design that is optimized for mobile use.

A Need for Speed

When it comes to mobile use, slow and steady does not win the race. People who conduct searches on their smartphone want a website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. After all, they are likely surfing on the go and they are working with a screen that is significantly smaller than a laptop or desktop.

So if a prospect cannot obtain the information they need – for example, a quote – within minutes or even seconds, they will likely leave your website and go elsewhere to continue shopping.

Onscreen and In Charge

Reading text on your smartphone can be challenging due to the size and the lighting of your environment. This is one reason videos on mobile websites for insurance agents have become so popular with consumers.

Videos also give you the opportunity to position yourself and your business as the authority on the type of insurance you sell, building confidence and trust in your services. Plus, a strong verbal call-to-action can be quite compelling once you have established a rapport with prospects via videos.

Building your website with a responsive design is well worth the investment, as these websites for insurance agents attract more leads and help usher them through the sales funnel.

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