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Important Insurance Policies for Teachers

Directors and Officers for Educators

Every professional needs to consider the possibility of liability. If you are unprotected by insurance, a lot of money and even a career can be at stake. Teachers are no different. Their school or school district will carry various policies, which may include the following:

  • General Liability
  • Directors and Officers for Educators
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Commercial Crime Liability

Why Get Directors and Officers Policies

Teaching, like other public service careers, is a unique profession in that profit is not the fundamental motive. Instead, seeing young people learn is the goal. Yet what goes on in schools is not without issue. Laws change regularly, and the paperwork can be difficult to interpret. Unintentional violations can occur, and parents may challenge the schools over various issues. So the school, and the teacher, needs be covered by policies like Directors and Officers for Educators insurance.

The Unique World of Education

A public school and its power structure are very different than a typical corporation and its board of directors. Yet when teachers and schools make decisions that affect children about grading, testing, discipline, or eligibility for sports, they may be open to lawsuits. For example, a parent may claim that the school and its teachers are not doing what they can to modify a child’s educational plan when he or she has a documented learning disability. A good insurer can provide Directors and Officers for Educators policies that truly do pertain specifically to teachers. They will protect personal assets, provide reimbursement to the school if necessary, and as well as provide money for a legal defense.


The Right Insurance Helps You do More

The Right Insurance Helps You do More
error omission insurance

error omission insurance

The right insurance policy can help you in many ways. Professional insurance policies make it possible to focus on your job instead of on daily exposure to risk. If a claim is made against you, then yourerror omission insurancepolicy will give you the means to deal with that claim. Many contracts require the contractors to have a specific sort of insurance coverage. Clearly, insurance policies help you do more but only so long as you have the right type of policy.

Do professionals need special insurance?

The many insurance policies available are intended to effectively address specific forms of risk. Since professionals are exposed to the risk of errors and omissions, it is in their best interest to have error omission insurance coverage. Consider these facts:

  • An error and omission policy covers you or your company if a client makes a claim that you have failed to provide a promised service or if the provided service did not have the promised results.
  • Some of these policies can protect you against claims made regarding past services so long as the claim is made during the active life of your policy.
  • Your error omission insurance policy can cover defense costs, settlements, and judgments.

If you regularly provide advice to clients, provide any type of professional service, or if you are required to carry some form of professional insurance, then you will likely need to purchase an error and omission policy. This type of policy is suited to the work you do and will help you accomplish more.


3 Bonus Reasons to Choose Captive Insurance Solutions

Captive solutions

Captives are often revered for their financial benefits. Their ability to underwrite risks allows them to accumulate money that would otherwise be absorbed by a traditional insurance carrier. Furthermore, commercial insurance companies draft policies that are designed to fund in-house expenses, such as budgets for advertising and marketing and compensation for a host of employees, whereas captives eliminate these costly expenditures. Financial implications may be the driving factors for choosing captive solutions, but they are certainly not the only motivating aspects.

Risk Security

Even if a business is able to afford a standard insurance plan that covers risks, there are still certain exclusions and deductibles that may leave the company vulnerable. For example, insurance for general liabilities can still be subject to omissions of employment practices liabilities through commercial carriers, unlike captive solutions.

Efficient Policies

Captives usually create policies that apply to the specific profile of a given business entity, opposed to the generic plans that are drafted by traditional insurance companies. This can allow for more accurate uses of financial coverage.

Attorney Selection

Commercial insurance companies often assign a defense attorney to their client’s legal case without accepting any input from the client. By contrast, captive solutionsusually allow businesses to select their own representation for any claims made against them, which can result in a higher quality of counsel.

Captives offer more than just financial benefits; they provide comprehensive approaches to varying aspects of business insurance.


Tips to Make Your Insurance Work for You

Real Estate Insurance New York

A common misconception regarding the purchase of real estate insurance New York is that the more expensive a policy is, the better is will function. While the price of a policy is likely to correlate to the extent of coverage available this does not mean that a more expensive policy is necessarily better. The real key to making any type of insurance policy worthwhile lies in selecting the lines of coverage that are going to protect you the most.

Review coverage limits on a regular basis

The coverage limits outlined in the policy options you purchased three, five, or ten years ago are probably not going to be sufficient to your business as it currently stands. Property managers, real estate developers, and other real estate insurance New York customers must often deal with rapidly changing conditions while on the job; you might be surprised at the gulf between what your current policy can cover and the coverage that you currently require.

Prepare for the worst

There are certain lines of coverage that exist to help people and businesses prepare for the worst. These include:

  • Storm, fire, flood, and earthquake damage
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber liability
  • Building ordinance (also called building replacement)

Opting for these lines of coverage gives you more comprehensive protection. With this coverage you have a greater chance of emerging from disastrous circumstances intact and able to move forward. Though extending your existing policy to include these lines of coverage might cost a little more, you will be spending your money on a product that will protect you when you need it most.


Four Benefits of Insurance Telemarketing

Insurance telemarketing

If your agency is struggling to drive in new clients, it may be time to expand your method of conducting sales. Even if you already designate sales representatives to reach out to prospects, utilizing insurance telemarketing services can create increased efficiency as a part of your business model. There are multiple reasons to pursue this sales method for maximum profitability.

Reduce Office Stress

Rather than selecting an executive on your staff to pursue sales in addition to their other corporate responsibilities, enlisting the help of telemarketers eliminates the added time and energy that is necessary for increasing revenue. Transferring these duties to individuals that focus solely on sales tactics is likely to produce more promising results.

Quality Motorization

Successful insurance telemarketing involves detailed models of establishing and tracking contact with prospects. All outreach attempts are documented, which ensures that no potential client is forgotten or overlooked.

Strategic Structure

Telemarketing groups are often organized with one supervisor overseeing the work of only ten or so callers. This promotes maximum productivity and expert supervision over all sales operations.

Proven Results

According to a McGraw Hill study, the vast majority of sales occur after a potential client has been contacted five or more times. While this level of consistent communication can be difficult for most typical executives to administer, telemarketers are equipped to follow through multiple times with prospects.

All in all, insurance telemarketing carries the potential to increase sales and accumulate lasting clients.


Why it’s Important to Have Food Insurance in CT

Why it’s Important to Have Food Insurance in CT
Food Insurance CT

Food Insurance CT

If you run a business in the food industry, it is important that you have food insurance in CT. Why? The answer is simple: Risks are all around you, accidents happen, and nobody can afford the financial fall of something happening. Whether you have a large chain restaurant, or if you run a small, local café, be sure that you have a specialized food insurance policy for the risks associated with the type of food business that you own.

Advantages of Food Insurance

  • A food insurance policy is completely customizable to your business.
  • Plans are comprehensive to ensure that all of your bases are covered.
  • Many insurance companies help to implement programs that decrease work-related accidents, lower costs, and increase productivity in the work place.
  • Owners, employees, and customers all receive protection through the right plan.
  • Working with a professional insurance company that has your best interest in mind will improve your bottom line over all.

Begin Today

Whether you are trying to do things differently around the restaurant, or if you have recently purchased a food joint and are just beginning to learn all the ins and outs, check out food insurance in CT. Not only will your company be protected, but you will have the individualized policy you need to safeguard the entire business, the people who work there, and essentially your future.



The Process of Gaining Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The Process of Gaining Employment Practices Liability Insurance
employment practices liability

employment practices liability

If you are considering purchasing employment practices liability insurance, there are a number of steps and procedures you will need to take in order to make the most of your coverage. This type of liability insurance is generally for use in staffing agencies or companies who assist individuals in finding temporary employment. The obtainment of this insurance can help you to safeguard against lawsuits which claim unfair judgments were made in the process of hiring or letting go employees. The following steps can help you to make the most of the insurance process.

Insurance Application

Once you have selected the insurance firm through which you would like to obtain employment practices liabilitycoverage, you will want to fill out an insurance application. There will likely be many legal forms and documents to help you to be aware of what does and does not qualify as discrimination, and how to avoid discrimination in the hiring and firing process, as well as how to handle related situations, should they arise.

Copy of Employee Handbook

An employment practices liability insurer will likely require a copy of your employee manual or handbook. This copy will be used to determine if you are correctly and effectively implementing non-discrimination practices in the workplace, and among those staff members in charge of hiring and firing. Once insurance is in place, it is advisable to keep non-discrimination practices and procedures readily apparent in the workplace, and to provide proper training to employees on non-discriminatory practices.


Insurance For Auditors

Insurance For Auditors


CPA professional liability insurance

CPA professional liability insurance

There’s no getting around it: Being an auditor or an accountant can be extremely risky, and you are subject to many different types of exposure. One incorrectly crunched number can result in a client losing a lot of money, your client losing their case, or costing a company a lot of capital. It’s a profession that obsesses over attention to every detail and does not jive well with complacency. Anybody in this industry should be very weary of this happening, but in case it does, you need CPA professional liability insurance to have your back. It can save your career, your job, and your reputation.




So what does CPA professional liability insurance cover? For starters, it covers any costs that may be associated with the investigation and mitigation of a claim. It also covers an incident that may not even be the fault of the professional, such a break-in or a computer virus that results in stolen financial or confidential records. Usually the policy will also include a grace period to file your claim, free risk management advice, a reduction of the premium or deductible over time or if a potential claim is resolved by another means. This type of insurance is essential to anybody who deals with auditing or accounting, and can save countless dollars and hours spent picking up the pieces. 


Why Should Your Employment Agency Have Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Why Should Your Employment Agency Have Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Non-owned auto insuranceOne of the many types of insurance that staffing and employment agencies should consider adding to their regular policy is hired or non-owned auto insurance. These special variations on auto insurance protect vehicles that clients operate throughout the course of one of their assignments for the agency. There are a variety of reasons why an employee might be called upon to operate a vehicle during his or her time working on a temporary assignment. Here are some of the major instances that non-owned auto insurance covers.

The employee’s own vehicle

Non-owned vehicle insurance policies cover damage to the employee’s vehicle that is incurred while on the clock, driving to perform a task related to work. In other words, an accident that happens on the way to work is not covered, but one that occurs while the employee is running an errand for the company is.

A vehicle owned by the client

Sometimes temporary employees are asked to drive a vehicle owned and maintained by the client they are working for. If an accident occurs while the employee is driving that causes damage to the client’s vehicle, non-owned vehicle insurance helps cover the costs no matter who was at fault for the crash.

If employees at your staffing agency regularly drive throughout the course of assignment, then non-owned auto insurance may be a good choice for you.


he Importance Of Connecticut Auto Detailing Insurance

he Importance Of Connecticut Auto Detailing Insurance

connecticut auto detailing insuranceBusinesses that specialize in auto detailing encounter many unique risks on a daily basis.  Not only do they work with expensive equipment, but they also work with other people’s valuable property.  If you work in the auto detailing industry, you ought to consider investing in Connecticut auto detailing insurance.  Proper insurance coverage can protect you from the many “what ifs” that could happen in this type of industry.


What Kinds Of Coverage Are Available?


A large variety of auto detailing insurance components are available to protect your business, including the following:

  • General Liability Insurance covers your business form a variety of general mishaps that occur on your property.  It can even include injuries sustained by customers if they happen to trip over a cord. You can choose from a variety of coverage plans to cover the most unlikely of events.
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance protects against damage to your customers’ vehicles while they are in your possession.  It can also protect against fire, theft, and movement of the vehicles.
  • Business Interruption Insurance helps to sustain your business due to a loss of income after a flood, fire, or other disaster that keeps you from working out of your insured location.
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees that were injured on the job.  An insurance agent can help you decide on the appropriate amount of coverage for your type of business.


Don’t put off getting Connecticut auto detailing insurance until it’s too late.  Contact an insurance agent today.