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Insurance for Dog Bites Eases Pet Owners’ Minds

Insurance for Dog Bites Eases Pet Owners’ Minds

You love your dog and know that it will never maliciously hurt anyone. However, even a normally calm dog may bite if it is scared, startled, or stressed. Sometimes your dog may bite if another pet is trying to take food or a toy away from your dog. Unfortunately, if your dog hurts a human or another pet, you may be sued for the damages caused by your dog.

Fortunately, there is insurance for dog bites. This insurance will cover any damages, up to a certain amount, made to a human or their pets that is caused by your dog. These damages can include bites, scratches, and other injuries caused by your pet. Depending on your specific coverage and how much premium you pay, you may be covered for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some insurance may even cover you for millions of dollars.

Even if your dog does not have a history of biting, you may be required to have insurance for dog bites by your landlord. Some insurance even allow you to add your landlord of the property management company to your policy. This is important because they would not want to be held liable by the injured party if your dog causes the injury on their property. Therefore, having canine liability insurance can be beneficial to everyone involved.

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