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Get Covered With Commercial Insurance in Bergen County

Get Covered With Commercial Insurance in Bergen County

When you are looking for commercial insurance in Bergen County, you want a product that will provide the coverage you need while being cost effective. A packaged policy is one that takes all of your unique needs for coverage into account and makes a custom tailored insurance plan for your business or non-profit.

A business owner’s policy brings both property and liability coverages together in one easy to understand bundle. The insurance would cover a loss of your building and its contents as well as general liability of your business. Other coverage can be added to compensate for such things as crime, equipment breakdown that causes delays in production, and specific product liability. These coverages would be added in the form of umbrella or excess liability.

Are you on a non-profit’s board and looking to take the charity to the next level? As a stand-alone organization, the non-profit’s board will have to look at their possible liabilities and evaluate their insurance needs. Are your officers and board concerned about liability if a volunteer gets injured while performing the charity’s duties? Affordable specialized insurance for non-profits can handle this scenario. Commercial insurance in Bergen County provides protection for your business with a money saving combination of coverages for all aspects of your business.


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